Our Top10andU Speech

A New Era Can Begin

We have launched this website, our main website and 15 other andUandU… websites that are all linked and all end in andU, they are all part of our extended andUandU… family. If U want to learn more about us click on the tab and follow the links. Thetop10andU and andUandU… are incorporated. ANDUANDU…Inc is our corporate name. As our name entails, we plan on continually growing until time indefinite. andUandU… uses the letter U for the word you. What is with the yo in you.       

My name is Mark Matheson CEO of andUandU… and Thetop10andU. andUandU is for all people. We are doing what we are doing for U. andUandU can become the premiere organization that can help resolve many of our earth’s problems. Problems like food and water shortages, the scourge of terrorism, organ shortages, environmental issues and other problems that threaten and affect humanity. Eventually, our size and scope can compare to that of the United Nations. The main differences are we would try to resolve as many humanitarian issues as possible and we would not be run by governments, we would be run and supported by individuals from all socio-economic backgrounds and all religions. People(andus) from around the world unite to make our world a much more hospitable place. All the work we do to resolve humanitarian issues should be done under an andUandU… banner.      

By utilizing andUandU… we can change the world, we can make our earth a better place for humankind and the other organisms we share this planet with. We believe U have so much potential to spread love throughout our earth by giving.               

andUandU… consists of many unique ideas that should be explored and implemented. Once U find out about what were about and what we want to do, U will believe that andUandU is needed. We were envisaged to fill voids. Our earth is lacking on so many fronts from humanitarian issues to environmental ones. We would strive to put in place mechanisms that can mitigate many of the wants and needs of the people (the andus) and other organisms we share this planet with.      

We are doing this for love, love that we can share freely with all humankind. On Valentine's Day and throughout the rest of the year instead of just thinking of the love U share with ur significant other we want U to also think about the love U should be sharing with humanity. Let Valentine's Day onwards be times when U also focus ur love on the poor, sick and destitute people by giving.

As U can see, we bought andUandU… domains with the names of the top 10 billionaires. We have done this to get their attention, their help, and to put them into a position where they will want to do so much more for humanity's sake. We want them to look at our website to discover the importance of having andUandU… become a World Class non-profit Organization that is second to none in love, scope, and ability to do the most good. We want at least one of them to work with us to turn andUandU into a non-profit organization. They have plenty of money to make this happen.            

Our climate is in peril, our ecosystem is on the verge of collapsing. Our earth’s biodiversity is declining and threatening our survival. Too many people are starving and homeless.    

We need good news; we need something that inspires hope in humanity. Something that can unite people around the world, something that we all can work towards. We believe that andUandU… is what Ourearth needs. andUandU can become a worldwide popular movement that inspires love for humanity by sharing with those in need. An organization that everyone would want to be part of. U could spread ur love by utilizing andUandU... U will realize the power of U. U can make a difference and we believe U will.


Our andUandU… Family

Eventually the more andUandU… comes into play, U will understand why it is written in our Mission Statement that:” Soon after a child learns to speak, it is time to learn about us”. In The Philosophy of “U” it is written that:” It does not matter where U hail from we are equal thus to be loved the same”. Anytime U see the U in names of our andUandU… family, think of love. All our ideas that we have presented in our potential organizations were thought of to maximize the love we want to share. Everyone needs love, our ideas if implemented would bring love to the people that really need our love. We believe that we all have love we can share in some form. For many, that love should be shared by giving to those that need our help.         We have a bucket list of 14 potential organizations. We are looking for philanthropists to take the lead and turn all 14 into functioning worthy causes. The most important person we need right now is the person called; “‘The Enabler” (s) This person or persons would take on the leading role in getting andUandU operational. He or she would have to be of high moral fiber who cares about the welfare of others, shows empathy towards others and must be a person with integrity. He or she could possibly become The Guardian of andUandU... We are hoping some or all of U will need ur personalized andUandU… domains because if U are “The Enabler” or a philanthropist taking up one of our organizations, U could possibly use ur own website. We want U billionaires to be part of our andUandU… family. Ur domains we have bought for U in trust.  

andUandU… is family oriented, there will be no political bias and U have to be truthful, so there will be some restrictions on the content of all andUandU… websites.          

Do Ur Share

According to Forbes, there are 2640 Billionaires worth about 12.2 trillion. From the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, we have come up with our Top10andU Billionaires list. The top 10 billionaires are all worth over $115 Billion and Elon Musk is worth over 200 Billion dollars. There is nothing else that U could do that would mean so much to so many as to make ANDUANDU a success. U can become our Enabler(s), take the lead, and finance ANDUANDU.

It is wrong to have so much money and not help more when so many people are suffering, and our environment is in crisis. If U are possibly concerned about ur position on the Billionaires list, please don’t be. How many billions does anyone need? For that matter how many millions does a millionaire need? Could ur appetite for money be insatiable? At some point, U should say enough is enough I don’t need this much. We are going to show by our good deeds, that: “The Service of Humanity is the Best Work of Life”. This is part of the Jaycee JCI (Junior Chamber International) Creed, we would say this at every meeting.           

The disparity between the rich and the poor is atrocious. Throughout the year we would like U the top 10 billionaires to take the ball and run with it on our website and show us how U are serving humanity. Perhaps U could feature ur accomplishments for charity on television stations or in the future possibly on the Charity Channel. U can read about our Charity Channel in andUandU’s CharityandU Sector. This channel can be focused on charities and their accomplishments, and we can see just how much they are needed. It can be a means to raise more money for worthy causes.       

In the future on our website, we hope to see that U Thetop10 and other rich people are buying up environmentally sensitive lands which include rainforests. It is horrendous how we allow them to be deforested when we know that their money can save them.                                                                           

Work Together

We believe U the top 10 might hold our earth’s destiny in ur hands. One of many ways U can help save us is to purchase large parcels of rain forest. Rain Forests only cover 7% of the planet, they are being reduced by millions of hectares every year. 27 million hectares of virgin jungle are being replaced by a single species of trees. Palm trees grown for their oil are to blame for pushing many animals toward extinction. In Northern Sumatra, time is running out for the Orangutan. Much of our earth’s biodiversity is disappearing and without the rainforest, our climate will get much worse. Another way U could help is to help create no-fishing zones. These zones would help replenish fish stocks so we would eventually have sustainable fishing.            

To slow down Global Warming the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have invested hugely in nuclear power. They're trying to get a prototype reactor built in China. It is very safe and only needs refueled every 10 years. It uses spent uranium which means it has already been used for nuclear power generation. They have also come up with a sewage disposable system that will be used in towns and cities. One of these sewage disposal systems is being used in Dakar Indonesia it handles 1/3 of the city's sewage. It does not need an outside power source; U can drink the water that it discharges, and it produces electricity.            

If U have not seen the Documentary Series The Band of Brothers, U should, it was well done, the battles were incredible. The 10-part series was about the U.S. Airborne Division 506th Regiment. The regiment was outstanding in battle from D-Day until Germany surrendered. The regiment's nickname was Easy Company. Easy Company used state-of-the-art battlefield techniques. U got attached to the characters in the series.  There were interviews of Easy Companies' surviving soldiers. I have watched the series twice and will watch it again. We would like to see the Top10 Billionaires take on poverty, climate change, and the challenges we face with the diminishing biodiversity of this planet. We would like to see them do it with perseverance, tenacity, and vigor like the Band of Brothers. Working together to help save Our earth and its people would most certainly cause them to form lifelong bonds.  

Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are already close friends with Warren Buffett giving over 35 billion dollars to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Warren Buffett and Bill Gates are doing much for humanity, but they still have too much money. Although Warren Buffett did say on the HBO miniseries called: Becoming Warren Buffett. He said this about his wealth: 99% will go to others because it has no utility to me, silly for me not to transfer the utility to people who can use it. It is doing me no good”. It would be hard to find a finer human being than Warren Buffett. From what I have seen on Netflix’s Inside Bills Brain, Bill is up there too.

I have written Warren Buffett asking for his help in getting andUandU…up and running.          

Warren U could use andUandU and the Top10andU as a catalyst U can give most of ur money away this year. I thoroughly believe that U can instill the virtues of giving most of ur money away on to ur cohorts. What utility are they getting out of their money? U would forever be the leader of the pack the person that set the example so many would follow. I believe that U would cause a domino effect and the love that is shared through giving would encircle our earth. Many of the mememe…people would follow ur lead and the love would continue to encompass the globe until there are smiles on the faces of the people that need our help.

Show ur Love

U the Top10 are the leaders of the pack. Please consider setting an example for all wealthy people and that is to show the people of our earth how much U love them by giving much of what U have.          

In the future, we would like people to see how U are showing ur love by going to ur Top10andU website to see what U are doing for humanity's sake. U billionaires on our list can set good examples for other rich people to follow and to possibly to emulate U.  

Billionaires and Millionaires do not need so many millions. Too many of the rich only think about mememe. There is an overabundance of wealth on our earth, and we should redistribute this wealth. We can supply all that are in need if we shared our wealth, and we still would have many billionaires and millionaires. The rich should do more helping those that are in need. Things should change because it is not right to have so much when too many people have so little. People are dying in the millions from curable illnesses. We must stop this madness. The Top10 billionaires should do more. Please do more. Everyone should try to do their share. Do not judge the rich according to the wealth they have accumulated and the material things they have. Look at them and gauge how good of a person they are by what they are doing for humanity's sake.     

Giving what U should, might cause U to drop a notch or two down our list or maybe it causes U to drop off our list altogether, but that is a sacrifice that U all should consider making. There is no greater reward than to know that U have done ur best to help others. U have a chance to influence so many people's lives in positive ways. The love U get in return for doing good deeds can be persuasive. U probably will want to do more; the more U give the more love U will receive in return.

Our earth needs ur help more than ever our future and our children’s futures are in jeopardy. U and the rest of us must act now before it is too late. Antonio Guterres Secretary-General of the United Nations said:” The state of this planet is broken; humanity is waging war on nature, this is suicidal”. In David Attenborough’s: “A Life on Our Planet’, we find out why our earth is in such dismal shape, but David gives us hope if we follow his advice. It does not matter who U are U should feel compelled to act, our futures and our children’s futures are at stake.  It is of paramount importance that we take heed of David Attenborough's suggestions and follow them to the letter.

Thetop10andu needs a CEO/Philanthropist to take the lead and to finance THETOP10ANDU. U can have a say in the content that is covered by the THETOP10ANDU. Like all our potential organizations Philanthropists can contact us by clicking on our Get Involved buttons. U could become our Enabler by clicking on the Enabler button on our page.

Something to ponder, a person that is timitised ends up in a different time zone and has become accustomed to the change in time.

In closing, I have prayed hundreds of times asking God to help me change the world. We know in my heart he wants us to succeed, how could he not and he wants U to help us. There will never be an organization that has the potential to do so much good for mankind and the organisms we share this planet with. U can learn from andUandU… what love is all about and for some god is Love.


Thank U for ur time.